STEP 1 – Fill out an application online.
STEP 2 – If you have a pet you are interested in, please select from the drop-down menu-otherwise just leave this blank.
STEP 3 – Our adoption coordinator will be in touch in 7-10 business days (often sooner) to go over the application, talk
about what you are interested in, and schedule a viewing appointment. If you have other pets, they will be able to address meet
and greets during this call.
STEP 4 – Once the viewing and meet and greet are completed, we begin a “trial adoption” period where you can take your selected
pet home for a two-week period to ensure it gets along with everyone in the home. At any point in these two weeks, if it does not
work out for any reason you can return the pet immediately. This does not count against you or the pet. It gives us more insight to
the pet for future adopters and gives us a better understanding of what your family is looking for.
STEP 5 – We will continue to look for the best fit for both you and the pet.
If the pet is a great fit for your family, when the two weeks come to an end, we will finalize the adoption process.
We can sign the adoption agreement in person at the shelter, online via email, or through the mail.

Adoption fees: cats $50 and dogs $100.
This covers the spay/neuter and vaccinations up to date when adopted.